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Your photoshoot fundraiser day

Whether you are just supporting your organisation or looking to make the most of having a professional photographer at your fingertips, we are here to make the experience comfortable and fun. We pride ourselves on our intuition and guide you through the process with warmth and confidence. We know you will love your photos, so we have a wide variety of products and packages to suit all budgets, you'll never have to worry about leaving them behind.

Check out some beautiful moments we've captured so far.

Fundraising photoshoot Gallery

In your Session

When you book a session you'll be donating $20 to your organisation

You will in turn receive:

  • 20 minute portrait session
  • 15 minute viewing / selection session
  • One digital high res image of your choice
  • NO obligation to purchase more
  • Option to order stunning high resolution digital files, professional prints and creative pieces.

Style Tips

Look at your home decor

This may seem odd. What does your home decor have to do with family picture outfits? A lot actually. Do you like bright colours? Neutrals? Since you will be hanging these photos in your house you want to make sure the colours of your clothes go with the colour scheme of your home.

Walk around your home and think about where will you display these photos? If they are going in the living room look at the colours in there. Do you have bright decorative pillows or more of a neutral palette?

Colours and Patterns

Go for similar tones. For example neutral colours mixed with soft colours or mid tones or a light colour palette like soft pinks and blues with whites and creams. Personally, I enjoy having an outfit in the mix that has the colours of everyones outfit in it. However, not everyone in the photo should wear patterns as it may distract the final image.

Consider picking one outfit for your family photos that has a lot of colours or fun pattern. Choose that outfit first. This gives you plenty of colours to choose from to pick your coordinating colours.


What if it rains? No problem, we have a portable studio ready to set up and a keen eye for the rain radar.

Which image is the fundraising print? Any Image in your session it does not have to be the family.

Can I request extra shots? We take a wide range of shots with lots of different combinations, we promise there will be plenty to choose from. You can purchase extra images and prints during your viewing session after the shoot.

Can I bring my dog? Yes to any Outdoor session pets are allowed and very much welcomed, we are unable to have pets in the studio shoots though.

Can I have extended family in my session?

Each session is 20min so we only have a limited time, adding grandparents to the session is manageable but if there is more than one family we would need them to make an additional booking, we recommend booking them one after the other to allow for some combined photos.*

*One $20 fundraising portrait per family.

Call us on 03 7023 2552 for more info