Kinder & Childcare

Finding beauty in the everyday

We at Lūce & Co have been photographing children professionally for over 15 years and both have small children ourselves,. We love little people, we love to capture their quiet moments, there loud and joyous songs, their experiments with colour and shape and all the moments inbetween. We are here to capture these moments for you. Let us create something to remind you of the little things, the special things, the things that in time, will change. Lets create a memory.

Kinder Gallery

Why choose us???

because we are the best at what we do

At Lūce & Co we have an organic, child led approach to our kinder/childcare photos. As parents ourselves we know what your parents want delivered at the end of the day. We will show them what their little one gets up to without them, we will show them that their child is smiling and enjoying the different activities they have on offer.

We are an owner run business meaning you deal with us from start to finish. We are your photographers and your point of contact for all communication.

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